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Want to be proud of your restaurant and earn 22% more profit every month?

We design and create brands that are known for their superior image, quality guests, and huge profits.

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Our latest project: Calma Lounge Bar

Designed and implemented complete visual identity, including logo, brand book, colors, materials and website.

Calma RestourantCalma Restourant cupsCalma Restourant

The Problems We Help You Solve:

  • Struggling to get new guests.
  • Better paying guests.
  • A better image and reputation for your restaurant.
  • More money and a sense of satisfaction at the end of the month.

Our team has over 13 years of experience in the online and offline world of hospitality and knows well all the benefits and challenges in this business.

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What Sets Our Visual Identity Apart

Unique and recognizable design
Usable design for each segment of your restaurant
Adaptability to the spirit of the brand through a premium approach
Monitoring, analysis and partner communication during the process

Steps to Success

Step 1: Book a Free Branding Discovery Session to discuss your goals and challenges.
Step 3: Review and approve the design, then we'll bring it to life!
Step 4: Launch your new branding and start attracting clients
Highly Value

Visual Identity Features

Detailed research
  • Before each project, we want to familiarize ourselves with all aspects of your business in order to prepare well.
  • Benefit: Good preparation means a good understanding of the brand vision, which gives us the direction to create a unique identity.
Recognition = profit
  • In the world of hospitality, it is important to stand out. A strong first impression means a quality guest who will keep coming back.
  • Benefit: A quality and satisfied guest is your advertisement. To achieve this, your image must be perfect, from the first impression to the dessert.
High business level
  • In a world where everything happens quickly and every moment counts, get closer to your guests even before they arrive at the restaurant.
  • Benefit: Through a fast and modern website, you can enable your guests to review the menu or reserve a seat, collect their addresses in order to inform them about new features in your menu.


Key Metrics Before Intervention (January - June)

Total Revenue: €450,000
Average Monthly Foot Traffic (per location): 1,500 customers
Social Media Engagement Rate: 2.5%
Total Revenue: €675,000 (up by 50% compared to before)
Average Monthly Foot Traffic (per location): 2,250 customers (up by 50% compared to before)
Social Media Engagement Rate: 7% (up by 180% compared to before)
Average Bill Value Per Customer: €30
Customer Return Rate: 25%
Online Reservation Rate: 40%
Average Bill Value Per Customer: €36 (up by 20% compared to before)
Customer Return Rate: 35% (up by 40% compared to before)
Online Reservation Rate: 66% (up by 26% compared to before)

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